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31 January 2014 @ 05:39 pm
[sticky post] Welcome note + Contents page  
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this is the community where
fans share
reviews of SMAP bangumi (TV SHOWS)
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Most recent update is Year 2016: June 19

[Also click here to know the reviews done so far! =]]
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  • You are welcomed to write your smap_bangumi reviews and leaving comments on fellow members' reviews! ;)

  • If you were previously sharing smap reviews on your blog (LJ/blogspot/wordpress, tumblr etc), you are welcome to cross-post your previous reviews here too ^v^

  • Writing a review on episodes that have been reviewed by others, is also fine too ^^

List of programs reviewed in this community ~
This List :

  • in alphabetical order

  • Dates are in this order: YYMMDD

Goro's bar
091216 Goro eating and exercising + SMAP softbank CM behind-the-scenes

Goro Deluxe
131219 Shingo promoting his fashion book Fukubaka Shifuku Bon (服バカ至福本) here
160505 Looking at history from medical perspective here

Jounetsu Tairiku
030112 Tsuyoshi  here

Music Station
000825 Lion Heart (with Arashi and Arisa also as guests) here

Nakai no Za Dai Ninpyou
121003 Tsuyoshi's gift to Nakai : here

Nakai no Kakezan
110102 Johnny's groups' leaders' talk (SMAP's Nakai x TOKIO's Joushima x V6's Sakamoto)   here

131031 Huggies to grannies here
140611 Pizza delivery with Yamamoto Koji here

Sanma Smap
1999: Buying food to party on the bus  here

990405: Shingo x Goro Batsu (punishment) game: Taking ice from icy place here
010903: Tsuyoshi papa here
040628: Fly to Paris to get the best wine for Goro here
051205: Kimura x Tsuyoshi Batsu (punishment) game: Triathlon here
101206 Ashida Mana here
110606 Ashida Mana and Shizuki Fuku here
111212 Karina + Yoshitaka Yuriko + AKB48 Oshima Yuko   (love quiz segment here)  (food tasting segment here)
140818 Brazillian Footballer Neymar + Filming members for horror movie here
140901 May J + One Piece dual @ Kimura + Ending Song guest: N'tsushugawa (sang for Shingo's drama Smoking gun) here
140908 Izumi sisters + Nakai, Shingo's directing scary movie here
140915 Drama [Hirugao] couple-Ueto Aya & Suzuki Kosuke + Ronaldo Cristiano + Ending Song guest: Juju here
140922 Suzuki Ryohei + Hirugao skit (Takuya and Ririko) + Ending song: Ariana Grande here
141222 関根勤&関根里's christmas present for smap + Newest technology segment: Face Hacking (feat. Tsuyoshi and Shingo) + Ending song: Himawari No Yakusoku (Doraemon movie theme song) by Motohiro Hata here
151012 Feeling couple + Fujiwara Norika bistro guest + 7-11 bento sale competition + ES 極み乙女 here
160530 Tsuyoshi's challenge (1): Dive and soccer here

smapxsmap skit only
Star TV reporter here
Monster Tsuyoc here

050709 Visit to NASA with Inagaki Goro! here

Special episodes (SP)
TV Asahi SMAP's Variety here

Waratte Iitomo
140331 Grand finale night here

961015 SMAP's first guest appearance on Utaban here

Others (non-smap bangumi, dated)
060507: おしゃれイズム (Shingo as guest)  here
081127: 5LDK (Nakai as guest) here
150708: Hero the TV Part 1
part 2: Kimura x Matsuko's "date"
FC pamphlet 116 + 117 : About the recent sensational incident here

Miscellaneous Online Clips (undated contents)

  • Message to self 10 years later: here

  • Kimura Kojiro vs Kusanagi Musashi in Kendo match here

  • Oceans Eleven rehearsal (Shingo x Arisa) here

  • Sports with Nakai Mori Goro Tsuyoshi here

  • Kimura's photo exhibition in year 1997 木村拓哉写真展 here

The comm also share news about SMAP, where the major news sources are checked daily and if they are exciting information,
it will be shared in the monthly post tagged under news update
(for comm members only for public, so that more can know SMAP!)

News- update inititative has been shelved away for the moment

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brindhakrishnanbrindhakrishnan on August 18th, 2014 05:51 am (UTC)
Sugoi!~ Didn't know about this community till today. Thanks for setting it up! Just joined it. ^__^
momo: smapdekishimeta on August 18th, 2014 07:59 am (UTC)
You are welcome! And thanks for supporting!
I look forward in seeing you around the community, have fun! ^0^
Lost in Faded Filmsladyxenax on August 18th, 2014 03:45 pm (UTC)
great community, I'll be following it for sure
momo: smapdekishimeta on August 19th, 2014 01:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your comment! Hope you will have fun in the comm! =)