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14 August 2016 @ 09:24 am
SMAP legend  

SMAP_BANGUMI@livejournal will continue to remain as a community
in recollecting
all the fun, laughters and tears that SMAP brought us
for over a quarter of a century.

After last night Smastation ended, SMAP fans were given the ultimatum that SMAP has prepared us for.

The 5 of them, in their own ways have used last year's 27 Hour TV to prepare us.
The drama,
The 40+ minutes of on-stop live despite 20+ hours of non-stop filming
Since one year ago, to preapare us for this day to come.
Kimura said SMAP will not disband without firstly putting effort .
Which all of you did, so much so in preparing fans for it since such a long time ago.

We also heard from their company.
They prepared us with two news.
FIrst was the news that greeted us last night.
It was announced through fax,
When Nakai is still in the midst of his Olympic work
When Kimura is in Hawaiii
When Shingo is still filming his Smastation.

The second was the "rumour of disbandment" , that came some days before Shingo's birthday this year,
remember how the news surfaced?
Hint: Who gave the news to the media?

But there is no point discussing all these now.
The disband news is finalised.
I do wonder what they will be doing till the end of the year.

I think they will lie low, with no activities.
It's their style, right?

Most likely, we will see their recorded shows on TV
Shuffle bistro Nakai edition.
SmaLoves of Kimura and Nakai
3D-printing figurine making with the 5 of them
Escape game with the 5 of them
And so many other things.
All these episodes,
they were filmed but not shown on air so far.

Just like to say,
SMAP has already created a legend.
A legend remains in people's hearts though it may not exist physically.

For men of their age, this career direction is healthy.
At the point of their age and career,
it's time to slow down the pace
and live a life of their own.
A real life of their own, if they are REALLY on their own.
Be it a
surfer and a dad
film/wine critic
actor/ enthusiastic guitar player or maybe exercise trainer
dessert patisseur /artist /fashion critic /host

For now, they exist as individual Jonhhy's artistes.

Sad that we can no longer hear the five of their voices together,
we can no longer see all 6 of them together.

However, their bond is strongly connected, such that they do not need to be as a group to be connected.
enneagram_four on August 14th, 2016 05:11 am (UTC)
thank you for maintaining this LJ
tammziitammzii on August 14th, 2016 06:44 am (UTC)