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19 June 2016 @ 02:35 pm
Smap x Smap 20160530 Tsuyoshi's challenge (1) Dive & Soccer  
This segment is so good, shows smap doing non-idol things in idol mode.

But so far only Tsuyoshi doing this segment..
We should have a segment for each member so that we can see them topless .

Nah, depends on the challenge right, and depends on who is doing the challenge.
Though I got a feeling that this kind of bangumi pace is going towards something bad....

This challenge (part 1)  features Tsuyoshi, with a very nice gymnast body, with chest muscles spanning quite a big area
(Chotto iro-poi, but it is true! (But being S, I wouldn't post the nice body pic in this post haha!
Hint: The pic featured in their smapxsmap segment in a weekly mag features that nice body pic )

Anyways, he challenge 1) 50m dive and 2) blocking a goal shoot from the famous Nadeshiko player Homare Sawa.

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Q: Do you have confidence?
A: Excess confidence.I used to attend swimming school, so (challenge) is something I am familiar with.

Lady who won at Olympics: I am surpurised by your condifence

Tsu: Is it that difficult for non-trained people to dive at 50m?

Ex-swimmer lady: Diving to a certain depth can already cause some numbness in the hands, much less to an untrained person like Kusangi. I was analysing Kusangi-san swimming and could see there are some parts he was struggling with it.

Tsu: The water..
MC: STOP! You almost gave out hints!
(Tsuyoshi, how many years have u been doing variety show, you still so careless about the variety flow xD )

Shingo: While everyone is busy analysing, I don't even to think about it and I can get the answer.

Shingo: For things that require long period of time to learn, he is really determined.
For things that require short term hard-work, he is not good at it.

Shingo: The rate he gives up is really early.

*update:20/6: in yesterday's Baby SMA, the unaired parts of this episode, the MC asked how Tsu felt about Shingo's "negative" comments despite him being Tsu's good friend.
Tsu said "I'm perfectly alright !"
Haha! This is ShinTsuyo for you!

The OA version, Tsuyoshi tried 2 times  (he probably tried more?)
Omy, that swimstyle was so sleek, beautiful! Even those professional swimmers also praised his techniques.
He was able to dive 41m!
Please watch the vid if you can, that swimming is great !

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Now for the next challenge, blocking a goal shoot from renowned Nadeshiko player Homare Sawa

One of the sendai goalkeeper was Tsu's coach

Goalkeeper: Do you understand?
Tsu: No
Goalkeeper: How can you not understand

Tsu eventually understood and asked his coach whether it is to observe the shooter's waist and not legs. The goalkeeper said yes!

Shingo: He's that kind with first few tries he cannot make it, but subsequently he is able to. He has rapid "growing" speed

Q: Are you confident?
A: No problem!

Q: But this time she is Homare Sawa, world renowned, gotten best MVP in world platform

She's married now so she probably has lesser time for practice
(the sad reality of women in japan, had to exit from the job field once married)

At first attempt, Sawa managed to shoot into goal post. But at second attempt,

Tsu: I created an unseen pressure on Sawa
Sawa: Eh, I did not see that pressure at all~

MC: it is just like what Shingo said !

Tsu: You really know me !
Shingo: *smile*