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07 June 2016 @ 12:22 am
040628 smapxsmap Fly to Paris to buy the best wine for Goro  
Hmm I remembered posting this review in detail but can't seem to find the post...

I post a short review on this episode okay? You got to watch it yourself. This episode is definetly a keep! Love how the way they are unrestrained and took pains to keep Goro from knowing that they bought him the present he wanted.

It started off with after filming smapxsmap.

[read more]Goro reminded them that he got the wand because he won in a race.

He then reminded them about the use of this wand and request members to turn in circle after he says his command

Goro took out his wishing wand and commanded the rest to buy the best wine for him.
Members turn around after Goro said his command.

Next scene was SMAP in Paris

[read more]Nakai and Tsuyoshi was made fun, because they looked so shock when they see the gate.

Goro said wow, you went to such a nice gate. I went to the gate at Asakusa

Then the scene went back to Paris and we see SMAP taking pictures of the place, and at each other

Lol the photo of Tsuyoshi doing Kamen rider >0<
When watching the video, look out for the scene where Tsuyoshi took photograph of the rest. He took their photo but not the scenary behind lol.

Then they went around shopping and eating.

And even tried to matchmake Goro with one of the female staff in a restaurant.
The 4 showed her these pictures

They featured a few bottles of wine, only to drink it off "in front" of Goro.

They claimed that they were testing the wine out for him.

Then they went to Eifeel tower.

Kimura covered Tsuyoshi's eyes from reading information from the guidebook. Tsu ended up rattling out the information.
They waited for something special to happen.

"i think it will become a robot"
"What if it became Tokyo tower?"

And then

Goro said they looked so innocent (like little boys)

Later the 4 spotted a Merry-go-round

Nakai was holding onto the pole with his dear life cos it was the first time he rode on a merry-go-round. He refused to let go off the pole.

Kimura said "Look over here Hiro-kun"

The classic 2-TOP moment.

Then the 4 shot a "PV" by lip-syncing Goro's song "Wonderful life" (the song he sang for Tsuyoshi's drama Boku to kanojo to kanojo no ikiru michi)
Look out for Shing's drawing of Goro in one of the scene. That will be Shingo's permanent drawing of Goro, even until now! >0<
The "PV" ended with this very movie-like close-up scene on the members.

(I displayed 2top's ><.. see how they look so alike?!)

[read more]
Goro said it was good that they enjoyed their trip to Paris
He asked about his wine. He asked if they bought it. (Prince Goro keep asking ><)
The rest answered Yes and brought out a wine bottle.

Goro said it smell nice.
Then he tasted it... and asked a question.

Members feigned ignorance xD