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This segment got to be on a review on its own. Too many OTP moments!
If you are looking for other segments of the show (non Kimura x Matsuko "date") segments, the review is here.
[Hop on!]
The segment starts with Kimura walking out of the TV station.
Looks like Kuryu coming out from the movie poster =P
Not knowing what is going on, since there is even a car waiting for him.  He even feel a bit bad as the car brand is the one he is endorsing (meaning like free advertisement for the brand)

He was shocked to see Matsuko
"Hey shouldn't you let notify me about this beforehand?" Kimura laughed

The pair acted as lovers 3 times in 3 of the classic J-dramas.
[in the car talking]

They are so at ease with each other.
Matsuko commented that this is the second time that Kimura had driven her home (parents' home).
At first Kimura could not remember but remembered after Matsuko recounted the details.
Kimura said "no wonder I knew where your parents' house is"

They talked about Matsuko's daughter.

Kimura asked why Matsuko sent him a picture of her daughter, asking Kimura if her baby has reached one of the baby developmental milestone of gaining enough neck strength.  Kimura found it funny because Matsuko was supporting the baby's neck in the photo. Matsuko laughed.
It's funny that Matsuko asked Kimura about baby-rearing =D
Kimura commented it is amazing to see children growing up. New-mum Matsuko agreed with a happy expression on her face.
[Playing janken]
Before reaching Shinagawa aquarium, they stopped at 7-11 to buy some drinks.
Kimura parked the car splendidly.

The pair played Janken to decide who goes down to buy the drinks.
Matsuko said she always lose to Kimura in Janken.

Wile Matsuko is out of the car, Kimura report "live commentary" of  what Matsuko is doing
"Matsuko Takako is in the convenience store"
"Matsuko Takako is selecting drinks"

When Matsuko took a drink, stopped a while, went back to take another can, Kimura jested
"How long is she going to choose?"
[At the aqaurium]
When they reached the aquarium..

They took a lift and Kimura commented how he is not used to this kind of outdoor bangumi filming of having the crew following the him. He is not used to walking slowly so that the crew can keep up.

When they came out of the lift, Matsuko almost took the wrong turn and went to the cinema instead if the aquarium and it was Kimura who directed her to the correct direction.

The two were getting ready to walk into the aquarium like a couple then Kimura remembered about the crew members.
"Filming OK"

There is a Merry-go-round in the aqaurium
Matsuko asked Kimura to sit in the Merry-go-round. Kimura gave her the push to go on it on her own.
Happy Matsuko
Kimura helping to take pictures of Matsuko
He took video for her.

Long enough for Matsuko to feel shy about it xD

Kimura said he cannot take Merry-go-round properly
Maybe that explains why in the trip to Paris, only Nakai Shingo and Tsuyopon was on Merry-go-round while Kimura filmed Nakai.

They saw an interactive installation of sweeping away the jellyfish and sea grass.
And it suddenly all disappeared and Matsuko got a scare.
Kimura asked her to do it again.
Reaching the jellyfish exhibition
Matsuko said the jelly fish looks a little disgusting.
She got "scolded" by Kimura
The two things that you cannot say when you are in the aqaurium. "Looks disgusting" and "Looks tasty"
They came to the tunnel
[Moving on to the next destination]
Next destination...
It began to rain. "That's because you are the rain girl !"

Kimura saw Matsuko sitting very straight up and ask if she normally adjust her car seat so straight.

Matsuko laughing while Kimura imitating Matsuko's sitting-straight-up look

Kimura said "Allow me to make the scene more date-like".
He put his hand behind Matsuko's car seat.

matsuko gave a "yea we reached" happy smile

Kimura called his friend to ask if his horse meat shop is opened.
[Eating time!]
Kimura ordered no-hop beer and Matsuko ordered gassy ginger ale.
Kimura taking off his shirt.
Eating Natto
Matsuko thought the Natto was a little tasteless.
Kimura ate and thought so too. He put some sauce.
Matsuko made some sounds to signify that's enough.
Kimura commented how Matsuko is good in giving these sounds instead of words like "Stop" etc.

Kimura was recounting how young they were when they started acting together.
Matsuko: I was 19 years old then?
Kimura: How about now?
Matsuko: 38 years old
Matsuko: 0_0"
Kimura: You must be thinking "Don't film me now!"

Kimura: You know this scene, where Amamiya said something..
Matsuko: You mean when she said..
Kimura: You almost revealed it ! Opps!
Kimura then asked if Matsuko enjoyed the night. He also said (humbly) about how he found out something about himself that is lacking and thanked Matsuko for letting him learn about himself.

He also asked if Matsuko feels strong for tomorrow's stageplay performance.
Matsuko thanked him for today.
Kimura gigled
He reminded her that it is time for janken to see who pays for the meal.

Janken time

The end!
Omg I really loved this segment. Practically capping every seconds xD
It's the month of November, so here is Kimura-centric review of [Hero the TV] which was live telecasted on 15.07.18.
I broke the show up to make two reviews.
The review on [Kimura and Matsuko's "date"] segment is here

[read more]

[read more]

Then some videos of the movie's opening day.

The scene was then changed to outside the special movie theatre that was screening the movie.
The original plan was to get the announcer to interview some of the moviegoers after they have finished watched the movie.

The announcer was asked about his thoughts of the movie and the announcer broke out in some sweat because he have not watched it yet.
Then the announcer broke into more sweat when Kimura suddenly suggested, "Why not we (the actors and actressess themselves) go to the movie theatre and asked the audience about their thoughts of the movie?"

The idea is so Kimura right? He really goes the extra mile in doing things. He felt the distance when he could not get to ask the movie-goers face-to-face about their thoughts of the movie. He really is a "people-centric" person.

As there was some time before the movie end, the show continued with some "projects" where some entertainment people recapped the drama series in several ways.
1) Impacting words that Kuryu said
2) Chika Asagi (Keiko's role)'s sharp eyes
3) Famous people who had a mini role in the "Hero" series

There was this segment where there were some scenes that were not inside the script and thus were all impromptu acting by the cast.

There was also this segment where some people were inspired by Kimura's drama roles and thus decided to pursue those career.

[read more]

ISome of the Nadeshiko (Japan female football team) members guest in one of the previous smapxsmap episode. She visited Kimura and gave him her winning Jersey.

Although it was female size but Kimura was able to fit in (although it was just a little tight).

Kimura said the jersey looked like those tight fitting shirt worn by cyclist athletes.

After this segment was Kimra x Matsuko's "date"
See the review here

Then it was time to reveal themselves to the unsuspecting movie-goers

[read more]

Kimura even went down personally to interview a movie-goer. He interviewed a guy (amidst all the surorunding people taking this opportunity to touch him)

He used the Iitomo cheer to promote the movie to everyone "Will everybody come to watch?" and the audience replied "Iitomo"

Happy 24th Anniversary SMAP-san! gza_thumb
24 years ago, on this day, on their debut day, it was raining.
And today in Japan, it was raining too!

Hiyea.. today is also their Double-A singles release day.
愛が止まるまでは= english translation: CAN'T STOP LOVING!hearta_thumb

This month's review will be on..
SMAP-san's first appearance on Utaban.

All sorts of personalities during their teenage years, (and you will realise that they have not changed even till now!)
That's why SMAPPIES and SMAP are proud of their rebellion, to stand out and be different from other Johnny's.
The group that is notorious to give their agency so many headaches.
Mah, though now they have matured and no longer involved in giving big headaches to their agency, but they still stand truly unique in their agency, don't you think? yx_thumb

The show started with the "First time seeing you" greetings before moving onto interviewing individual smap members.

Kimura was interviewed first about his drama テレビドラマ (Concerto), and his co-actresses.
Well as it was 1990's, so some tinge of sexism jokes are still allowed on air. Takaaki Ishibashi (Utaban co-host), was saying about those stuff while Kimura and Nakai are responding it with ease (politeness) while you see Goro flashing a bitter smile and Tsuyoshi a blank face. (Shingo not filmed for his reaction).


Then it was Shingo's turn to be interviewed and it was revealed that he ate field ants during recess in his primary school years.

"It tasted sweet! I only eat big ants!"

Through this mini interview, I thought I see his thinking and speaking flow of variety MC. He structures his words (surprise element-> build up tension -> deliver punch for laughter).
Shingo's type of MC is different from Nakai as Nakai is really, the Master of Ceremony type, one who can take on different types of bangumi, and effectively control very well the content and flow of interview. This, I will elaborate more in my upcoming bangumi review.

Next was Tsuyoshi being interviewed. Ishibashi asked why did Tsuyopon joined the agency, that will means his number of friends will eventually dwindle.  Kimura spotted tears in Tsuyopon's eyes!

The rest of his interview, I thought I felt Tsuyopon's loneliness.

  • He willingly did backflips whenever Nakai yelled his nickname (Chibi-tsuyoshi) to do it. He does not like it but still does it anyway as he knew that Nakai will be his fellow band members.

  • He admired Kimura's talent when he saw Kimura performing on an international stage and was praised by the minsiter and other foreign guest. (I don't really know what this internation perfomance was about).

  • He wanted to make friends (and bunk in the same dorm to increase friendship) with Shingo because finally someone younger than himself (Tsuyopon) has appeared in the group, yet at the same time he don't know whether he should be close to Shingo as Tsu himself was enjoying friendship with Goro.

Then it was Goro about how he and Ishibashi-san went to the same neighbourhood for recreational activities. He was so happy that he shook hands with Ishibashi-san.

Goro's interview was a short one. He probably did not talk much about himself or that there was not enough airtime. But he was not that sort that talks much during their early days. I mean that was his personality at that time, the ouji/diva sort of vibe.

Over the years,

  • Nakai has become one of the top MCs in the Japanese variety industry. Hosting numerous bangumis at once, it is six days a week that Nakai's face can be seen on TV. But I am glad he now host lesser shows and is watching out for his health. It really pains the fans to see him being so busy with the bangumis. He is an ultra workaholic and puts in much seriousness in whatever he does.

  • Kimura has matured. Though no longer that rebellous teen that he used to be , he still hold on to his professionalism in everything he does, yet staying true to himself, to his emotions, his thoughts and his friendship with everyone he works with. He stays committed to his family and his hobbies despite his busy schedule and megastar status.

  • Goro has matured and recently open-up about himself and towards others. He is not so ouji/diva (withdrawn). He has this "young at heart" element in him, funny reactions (little skips when excited etc) and the fangirl admiration towards Kimura. ><  Nowadays SMAP-san are all tapping onto Goro for his unique personality and talents. (He is quite good at shooting back and delivering the "variety punch", especially onto Nakai's jibes. His position as the middle mangement meant greater access to building interacitons with all other smap members. (For example ShinTsuyo feeling apprehensive of building ties with 2TOP because of seniority).

  • Tsuyopon remains his tennen side and brings laughter with his tennen reactions and thoughts. ^0^

  • Shingo is gaining comfort from effectively harnessing his uniquely-Katori-Shingo personalitites and talents. >0<

Over the years, through hardwork (all sweat, blood and tears literally!), SMAP has tide through the tides and remain as a legend, not just in the Japanese entertainment industry but on an international scale.

When reading around the net, I saw many writing about SMAP inspiring them to do things. Here's how SMAP is an inspiration to me.
Nakai showed that it is only through hardwork that one can gain acheivement.
Kimura showed that staying true to oneself is charismatic.
Goro and Tsuyoshi showed that one needs to maintain health to stay happy, cheerful and young at heart.
Shingo showed the definition of continuing without stopping despite being tired.

How about you, how has SMAP inspired you?

To be honest, I was ready to receive bad news when there were a lot of rumours during the 27HrTV in year 2014. It was a bittersweet moment to hear them assuring that they will never disband. I was touched by their dedication and yet at the same time I wanted all of them to also enjoy/pursue their lives (family, love, friendship etc).

But like all other SMAP fans.
As long as SMAP is around, we will support all the way.

Lastly, quoting from a fan's message that I saw online.
"SMAP-san, please stay healthy. We SMAPPIES are also getting old and we cannot take too much shocks!"

Happy SMAP day!
08 August 2015 @ 05:11 pm
Month of August, Nakai's birthday month (and also mine!)
This month, review is on his guest appearance in TOKIO's show [5LDK], to promote his movie [Watashi wa kai ni naritai]
He talked about many topics that are now taboo topics in the agnecy now.
(due to the escalting tension between the two camps in the agency).

This bangumi was when the tension had not reached the peak. You can see how TOKIO could easily talk to Nakai and vice versa. You could also hear how they felt so light-hearted when they talked/gossiped on each other or other fellow Johhny's. Nakai could even joked(?) about how he felt scared of Kokubun's role as a sportscaster and Sakurai Sho as newscaster. Nowadays, it's a no-no of a Johnny's to mention another Johnny's/ Johnny's groups of the opposite camp.

The topics discussed in the bangumi were:

  • Nakai disliking the hierachy relationships in Johnny's

  • Feelings towards fellow Johnny's

  • Open discussion of the happenings in private outings between Johnny's

  • Nakai's home, type of girls he liked, how he don't like to be disturbed during his shopping

At the start of the show, TOKIO members feel uneasy of Nakai, fearing he will take over the episode as the host
[Here comes da boss ! xD]

And here starts the talk segment.

The chart tracing the year which they entered the agency, and Kokubun revealing that he had been in SMAP for a while because he had to stand-in for......

Nakai saying about Nagase and Matsuoka

and Sakurai Sho

Then Nakai talked about the things that he will dislike girlfriend to do.. and also talk about his recent shopping experience

He drew out his home

And promoted his movie in variety style
27 June 2015 @ 12:02 pm
Mod's post
This month and next month's the review is not very detailed because the past few months have been rough for me, this review is done after being on leave from work for almost a week.
I try my very best to post a review each month in this comm, to make myself remember to slow down and enjoy Smap.

About this month's review
The month of June is Fathers' Day month for many countries.
So I bring to you a review of one of the smap member being a papa for three days.
This month and next month (JULY, because is Tsuyoshi's birthday month) the review is on Tsuyoshi.


Tsuyoshi Papa meets his "sons for three days". He flashed a smile, hiding his worries about taking care of the children.

[Tsuyoshi papa]

Goal: To be a good dad.
Worries: Don't really like kids.

He played with the kids.

Ride them on bicycles and took them to fish (and caught 4 fish)

Took them to the supermarket to buy ice lollies and played with water.

And spent time together

14 May 2015 @ 12:37 pm
Mod post
Hi everyone, due to a new work that I have to commit till end of this year
I will be working close to 10 hours almost every weekday, really tired when I get home.
I had to stop updating of daily SMAP news.
Sorry for the disappointment that many of you have felt m(_  _)m
But rest assured I will certainly start updating daily news next year, so do look forward to it !
(but in the meantime if any of you like to help to update the community with smap news, you are welcomed to start a post of your own too! *winks*

For this month's review
As we enter into the month of May..  May (5) the 6th is Go.ro day (Go is the jap pronociation of 5, and roku, is the jap pronociation of 6)
This month's review is on Goro-chan.. the lovable middle guy between 2TOP and ShinTsuyo
This episode is about Goro with SMAP filming their softbank advertisment in New York!
The first part is about Goro and his [Goro's Bar] co-hosts eating and exercising in New York.
At the later part of the show, there will solely be SMAP, where the show is about the behind-the-scenes of them in their softbank advertisment filming in New York!


Ordering their meals using some english (mostly pointing to the menu!)

(Goro's facial expression while eating the hamburger)

(Another round of ordering) and he ended up using japanese and pointing to the menu xD

(I think this scene is part of the script lol)

Drinking cappuccino with marshmellow
too sweet for healthy Goro
drinking more because of the cold weather...  and wiping his mouth (sexy)

[after eating]He calls another cohost

And doing some promoting advertisment for Softbank xD

[Fun at the studio]Next they visited a studio

Goro gives it a try (it's his butai position mode!)

Second part of the show is behind the scenes of smap softbank advertisment!

Too many nice videos.. so shall just pose two of it in this Goro-centured review (;