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02 December 2015 @ 06:40 pm
SanmaSmap 1999  
Hello, this month is the month of Christmas and I thought I share a bangumi related to it.
(Yes I know it's Goro's month too. I shared about him on our May and June's review this year, remember?)
I give sufficient attention to all Smap members
(my bias enjoy a little more attention.. *guilt face*)

Anyways, this bangumi is about

  • chatting, making merry, "fighting" and giving presents to Sanma on a bus

  • stopping to buy party stuff on a regular shopping street

  • bullying someone to go into the cold winter night to buy something quite "important"

  • eating ramen with a bunch of foreigners.

  • on-stage discussion on chossing types of girls

Since this bangumi is from so many years ago, you can see so many valuable pairing interactions and many dorky actions from all smap members.

[He likes me!]I think this is the year of introduction of the "Chiu Chiu Chiu" machine, the one that mutes the mic when secrets are being shared.

Nakai smacking Tsuyoshi's head because long after the Chiu Chiu machine was introduced, Tsuyoshi still does not understand the function of it. He spoke some secret before being stopped by Nakai.

Later Tsuyoshi remembered to use the Chiu Machine but spoke in hushed tone despite the mic being switched off.

Nakai thinks Tsuyoshi likes him xD

[Family outing]They decided to have a party on the bus. They stopped by a shopping street.
This segment of the show is where I thought they function like a family lol.

While passing by the florist, Nakai asked Goro "You like flowers right?"
And Goro, Nakai and Sanma went ito the florist.

Nakai mama keeps looking at his watch to hurry Sister Goro while Sanma papa pays for the flowers like a boss.

They stopped by a snack shop and baby Shingo starts eating, while showing big brother Kimura how happy he is to eat

Child Tsuyoshi looks at the menu, spoilt for choices while papa Sanma pays for the food

The shop gets crowded so some of them waits outside...

Then they reached a household item shop and big brother got so excited seeing something (not sure what it is though)

And baby Shingo continues eating as they walk the streets

Buying some Oden..

[Calling, eating and bullying]
On the bus they began to chat..
Goro and Kimura took turns to call other actresses.

Saw the anteena on the phone? =P

A mini pic-spam of Goro using the phone.
(This touch-the-nose action os Goro's way of showing nervousness)

He couldn't get through the line. He asked Sanma "Probably she changed her phone number?"
Sanma laughed and say "How would I know who you have called?"

SATA pairing

Notice what Shingo is doing?

STILL EATING.. non-stop since he started eating in the shopping street

They realised they forgot to buy lighter. They nominated someone with the thickest clothes to go out of the bus to buy it.

Kimura took some strawberry from the cake to give to Tsuyoshi as encouragement

Tsuyoshi asked where should he go, Nakai just briefly asked him to walk around.

Nakai asked the driver to drive off 199
Sanma felt so bad for Tsuyoshi for being alone in the cold.

When Tsu is back, they all laughed at how pale his face is

He unzipped his jacket. He hid the lighter inside his jacket!
[Presents for Sanma + stage activities]

Present time for Sanma.
Goro gave Sanma a charcoal grill. He said it is something special as compared to the electric ones
Sanma said "Isn't that for me? Can you let your hands go now?"

Shingo gave a painting that he bought near Tsuyoshi's home.

Sanma said Shingo doesn't even know what it is. He also said Shingo has some weird taste! heia_thumb

Tsuyoshi gave an electric tooth brush, and wanted to demonstrate how it work. He took a bottle of water...
the members supported his standing because its on a moving bus.

But still it splashed on Sanma. (or was it someone who pushed him?!)

Attempt 2.

Oh no!

(Kimura playing along)

Shingo distracts

Kimura then stopped joking and asked for towel

Tsu got smacked and Goro took Tsu back to his seat

Shingo remains to do silly things in front of the cam.
(Not distraction but rather keep walking in and out of the camera lol)
Then Nakai come and tell him to stop fooling around because it is a bus

Kimura gave Sanma something secretive in the envelope

Goro laughed too when he saw the contents

The two younger ones didn't see the content.

For Nakai, he gave this to Sanma

As someone who always thinks of adding value to variety show, Nakai prepared the mask for everyone.

Look at how Nakai cheered on everyone to do a Sanma action. (2TOP version)

And asking the youngest two to do this

All this while Nakai didn't put on the mask no title

Then they reached Fuji Tv for stage activities
(wasn't as interesting as previous segments so I just capped few screencaps)

They continued the dial-a-call segment

Tsu called Kimura Yoshino (now their Big senapi Higashiyama Noriyuki's wife)
The show continued with them selecting different types of women.
(The Kimono style, The OL with a wide cleavage, Tomb raider style, etc).

Ending the review with weird Shingo angle.
tammziitammzii on December 4th, 2015 04:30 pm (UTC)
Awww they were all so full of antics back then <3
momo: 2topdekishimeta on December 6th, 2015 08:03 am (UTC)
Yea, those were the days when they are still young and so not so reserved with each other. I guess they felt that since they are matured men now they need to tone themselves down... ah I think what the fans want to see now is to see them get married~

Thanks for reading and commenting!